Regularization of casino

Vietnam: Towards Regularization Of Gambling

The draft decree has 9 chapters and 85 articles. It comes from the Ministry of Finance. It is a text which aims to regulate betting on horse racing and betting on football matches. It provides for a running frequency of no more than three days per week for horse racing and greyhound racing. For football bets, the frequency is relative to the calendars of international matches and events which are of interest to operators of casino games. The latter must however take into account a proposal by lise presented by the Ministry of Finance. The text also limits the minimum and maximum bets per day and per player (10,000 and 1 million dong).

A good part of the members of the standing committee of the National Assembly of the country advocate for the promulgation of the text. Some however ask for an analysis of certain points and the addition of devices allowing to limit the risks of the authorization of gambling in the country.

Divergence of opinions on bets

The finance and budget committee in the National Assembly also approved in the text, but nevertheless believes that the maximum bet limit must be raised. She thinks that a million dong could not satisfy the big bettors. They can therefore be tempted to play illegal games. The Social Affairs Committee is also of the same opinion. According to the words of its president, big bettors might hesitate to participate in bets whose bets are limited to one million dong. This could result in the rise of illegal games. The commission nevertheless finds the minimum limit reasonable.

The Law Commission believes that the minimum threshold is too low and could therefore compromise the attractiveness of the activities. It proposes a minimum limit and a respective maximum limit of 50,000 and 5 million dong. The vice-president of the country’s National Assembly suggests limits that vary according to the economic situation.

Regularization of casinos is causing heated debate

The members of the Vietnamese National Assembly did not really have difficulty in finding a consensus on the arrangements for betting.

However, controversy still reigns over the authorization of casino games and playing online casino . Many members of the lower house believe that this authorization constitutes a financial windfall for the country, but fear a significant social impact. However, there will be an authorization for this activity, but the rules will be stricter compared to the rules relating to betting.

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