The Language Of Poker

To begin with, one word in particular is known to all poker players, as all of them have experienced this feeling at some point in their careers. It’s the Bad Beat . This word is used in very general cases, for example, when you are cracking your aces, or when your opponent has to touch the turn and the river to beat you and that happens (this is called a runner runner ).

When you chain the Bad Beat , it is said that you are entering Bad Run . It’s a time when nothing works for you and losses accumulate. A bad run can last only a few hands as well as last several tournaments.

And sometimes, during a Bad run , or because of the accumulation of these, you can no longer really control what you do (Example: pay a raise with weak cards), it is said that you are in Tilt . All poker players try not to enter this phase because it generally leads to defeat. Know that even on professional days constantly work their mind in order to avoid entering Tilt.

All its expressions of language poker are used when everything is going badly for you. However, if you have bad phases, you will also have good ones. These words if can therefore be used to tell your exploits on the tables.

It sometimes happens that during a hand, you have a game that your opponent cannot beat, in these cases, it is said that you have the maximum game . When this happens, try to collect as many chips from your opponents as possible.

And now place at the Rush

Unlike the Bad run , there can also be a rush . It is a period of play during which everything succeeds you, and in general, you feel very good and invincible in these moments. Like the Bad run , a rush can last as few hands as it can last several tournaments.

To win hands, you don’t have to be in a rush all the time , just practice what is called an A-game . When you play your A-game , that is, in the best possible way if you follow all of the strategies to the letter.

Thanks to this article, you will no longer be in the unknown when you hear these words / expressions of language poker. Note that the language of poker is enormously developed and is constantly evolving. In addition to our poker glossary , the best way to familiarize yourself with these terms is to listen to the different poker broadcasts, and play for yourself . In these ways, you will be able to tell your friends about your blows in great detail.

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