Spain Online Casinos: The Legalized Slot Machine

A long battle for Spain’s online casino operators

It took three years for online casinos in Spain to benefit from licenses authorizing them to offer the slot machine . Long awaited since the legalization of online gambling since 2012, the slot machine can now be among the offers of some virtual casinos in Spain.

The authorities have thus approved it since July 2014 and the license application processes have been granted since November and will end at the end of the year. As a result, nearly thirty operators have been granted their license and are already presenting many very attractive offers to attract the maximum number of players.

A major advance for Spain’s online casinos

The slot machine is one of the favorite online games for many online casino players. If their proposal was only reserved for physical establishments and bars only before, Spanish players can now boast of being able to indulge in the online slot machine. As a result, several promotional offers are already offered on online casino sites that have had their license. Since then, there has been a considerable increase in turnover, the slot machine being considered as one of the most profitable online gambling games in the world. Proof that the slot machine still holds its status as one of the most popular games in the world.

New regulations on the duration of games

If the authorization of the slot machine for online casinos in Spain is now official, the Spanish authorities are not however on a leash on the regulations. Indeed, if the casinos can decide for themselves the amounts of winnings, without limits, the playing time will have to be determined in advance by the players. This new regulation thus stipulates that gaming establishments must provide players with access to the summary of their connection time via the same site.

Players must also be able to limit the time since the start of the game. A regulation which aims to prevent the risk of addiction by users, but the Spanish authorities are also thinking of eradicating illegal gambling in this way.


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