Learn To Bluff In Poker

The different types of poker bluff

There are two types of bluff, total bluff and semi-bluff.

The total bluff : The total bluff as its name indicates it is a bluff carried out with a bad game. It is mainly intended to gain a losing blow in advance. It can be done when the opponent does not seem to have a very strong game.

The semi-bluff : The semi-bluff is a bluff made with a medium hand which can be improved by the cards of the flop, the turn and / or the river. It can be useful with a view to making the pot grow, or simply to win a shot directly without waiting for the cards.

What type of player to bluff against?

Strictly speaking, there are no typical bluff opponents. However, we can glimpse the fact that some players are more likely to be amazed .

As part of a total bluff, we can consider that the tigh / passive players constitute easy prey. Indeed these players have the distinction of following with many hands without ever raising. They like to see flops and play their cards based on it. If you put financial pressure on them there is a good chance that they will give up. Attention against these players, the slightest resistance constitutes a serious threat.

As for the semi-bluff, it can be used against all categories of player. The objective of the semi-bluff is to raise the stakes.

Finally, I will give you a tip that all great poker players know: Never bluff a beginner . Indeed, the novice player tends to systematically follow the opponent’s bets. He does not yet have a strategic sense sharp enough to understand your movements. He will pay you for sure!

How to make a Bluff?

Bluffing is not the right strategy. Indeed, a player can be quickly perceived as such by abusing. This will tarnish his credibility and his blows will hardly pass. The psychological aspect is very important in this game where everything is about timing!

Make a perfect bluff:

The circumstances of the game , your position and the timing of your decision are all elements that will make your bluff a successful move.

To bluff an opponent, the cards must allow you to:

By definition during a total bluff your cards do not matter much. On the other hand those of your opponents and those of the flop yes! To attempt a bluff you must be sure that your opponent does not have a solid game .

For example on a flop (Texas hold’em):

It seems unlikely to succeed in a bluff. Your opponent may already have a flush, a straight, a pair or even a double pair. He will pay you! But it can be in a draw (continuation or color) in this case there is a good chance that it will follow you too.

Bluff according to position:

To bluff a player it is better to be in position relative to him. That is to say speak after him. When a player makes a decision, he gives you information about his game. Getting a bluff means collecting as much information as possible. Does he have a good hand? Is he waiting for a card to form his combination?

Some players can sometimes bluff by being first to speak. This requires a perfect knowledge of the players at the table and an adequate board .

For example, you are convinced that your opponent has:

On a flop (Texas hold’em):

Whatever your hand, you can try a bluff in the first position (attention: be sure of your opponent’s hand ). You may be able to signify a hand as:

Why is it advantageous to try a bluff at this time? Simply because your opponent will try to protect his hand by speaking last. You will then be forced to discard your cards.

The timing of the poker bluff

A bluff is also to make your opponent believe that you have a very strong game. So do not hesitate. The timing of a bluff is very important for its success. Be sure and confident!

There is a very suitable technique for bluffing called ” check-raise “. It’s about checking, letting your opponent bet and raising instantly. The timing of this movement is perfect for a successful bluff. Attention: You still have to make sure that your opponent does not have a very strong game. Otherwise he will pay you!

Cultivate an image at the table

Finally, the last ingredient in the perfect bluff is your image at the table. In order to succeed your bluff during the game do not hesitate to show some strong games. When you win shots (with the nuts ), you can show them. Your opponents will categorize you as a serious player and your more creative moves will pass!

You should only try one or two bluffing per poker game. If one of your bluff fails and the opponents see your play, you will no longer have to bluff against these opponents.


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